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Paul Adelson is an art consultant and gallery owner who lives his work.   Literally.   His home in Dallas, Texas, is a private art gallery that inventories 700 pieces of art.   Everything is for sale, he'll inform you if asked, except for his wife and the two dogs.   He daily leads heads of corporations and CEOs of Fortune 500 companies through his home; a list of his clients includes Disney, Dr. Pepper, General Electric, Honeywell, Intel, Nokia and Volvo.

But Adelson is interested only in placing art, no mater for whom.   “Art is my love and passion in my life,” he states.   “I was put on earth for a mission — to share art with the world.”

It all began 16 years ago when, after leaving a business career of 15 years, he purchased two original etchings over the phone:   a Salvador Dali and a Joan Miró.

“I got those pieces framed and up on my wall and they just altered my life.   I got so lit up, so turned on to what art could provide for people.   I just dropped what I was doing and I went out and started knocking on doors, meeting artists.”

That was the beginning of a long, passionate and successful career devoted to helping people find art.   That pursuit involved GUILD when Adelson was working with a law firm in Lubbock, Texas.   The firm's new building had a very specific niche — 48 inches tall by just 12 inches wide — that they wanted to fill with art.   Adelson found the perfect solution in a GUILD sourcebook; when he showed his clients Jeremy Cline's Birds of Paradise glass sculptures, everyone knew immediately that the niche had been filled.

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