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Paul Adelson, Select Art, Launches “Designing with Art, The Ultimate Art Experience”

Adelson’s Offering Transforms Art to Highest Level of Creativity

DALLAS, TX – August 30, 2011 – Paul Adelson, owner of Select Art, a Dallas-based private art gallery that specializes in contemporary art, launches “Designing with Art, The Ultimate Art Experience.” The brainchild of Adelson, “Designing with Art” speaks to entire environments in homes or businesses in which each item is a piece of art created by a respective artist.

“Designing with Art” raises appreciation for art work to a new level in which nothing escapes an artist’s imagination and creativity. Such creations allow people to experience unforgettable beauty that evokes love, passion, and excitement. Whether it is a chair, a table, a bed, rugs, china, silverware, mirrors, light fixtures, or even toilet seats, an artist’s unique and creative touch and mastery of each item render conversation pieces that are invaluable. It is a wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling art environment where nothing escapes an artist’s touch.

For Adelson, the “Designing with Art” experience provides the optimum joy in living.

“Throughout my career, I have lived my life surrounded by art; its impact on me is immeasurable,” said Adelson. “When people come into my gallery, my greatest joy is watching the phenomenon that occurs when people begin to experience and embrace art for the first time, perhaps, in their lives.”

“With ‘Designing for Art,” my goal is to create a new level of creativity that has never been achieved; a level which provides opportunities for anyone, whether at home or in a corporate setting, to actually experience art that will live on forever,” continued Adelson.

“The key objective now is to find the one individual who believes and trusts me enough to create the first wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling environment,” added Adelson.

Select Art’s cross-section of art includes paintings, pastels, prints, sculpture, ceramics, glass, and photography. The gallery works with clients to determine art selections by both well-known and emerging artists that best meet their goals, image, design décor, and budget.

Dallas-based, Select Art is a private art gallery that specializes in contemporary art, including paintings, sculpture, hand-blown glass, 3-D wall art, and ceramics. Many of the gallery’s clients are corporations, hotels, and medical facilities. Owner, Paul Adelson, who has been in the industry for 25 years, is the epitome of art appreciation and creativity, “living” art in every aspect of his life. For more information,


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