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Art Consultation
There may be times when you want to hire us to do just consultation where we bill you on an hourly rate or a flat fee. For example, you'd like us to research some artists for you, put specs together for a project, do study feasibilities for the possibility of outdoor sculpture, evaluate your existing art or other things not involving the actual building of a piece of sculpture. We will be more than happy to work with you at this level also.

Artist Selection
We will spend much of our time researching just the right artist that will meet your particular needs. This will ensure us that your concerns and your concept of your piece are fulfilled and the artist's style and workmanship is aligned for your project. We want to make sure this is a win situation for all involved and therefore the artist is truly “the one” to devote their time in creating your piece.

Design Concepts/Models
3D sculpture requires much more time and planning than most paintings. Many artists will do drawings, either in black and white or color, so you can have a visual concept of what they are creating for you. Others will do computer generated drawings, and many will also do small 3D models or marquettes made of clay, wood, or cardboard, so you have a better visual understanding of what will be created for you and this also helps the artist work out details of your piece. Often the marquette will even initiate a new or even better concept to execute your piece. Drawings and models are done once you select and decide on an artist you want to work with and have paid them a deposit to begin designing your piece. Which ever direction we go, we will let you know ahead of time and this is most often decided by the artist, as they all have their own way they are comfortable working in. One thing to always keep in mind: your finished piece will be very similar to the drawings and/or marquettes you will see, but please be open to the idea that your completed piece will be much larger than the drawings or marquettes and colorations can vary somewhat. This is what makes doing a custom, commissioned piece so exciting and makes it an original, unique piece of art and separates it from production pieces-it gives your piece its character.

Suggestion:   Over my 20 years having many commissioned pieces done for my own personal collection, I have always trusted my artists and given them as much artistic freedom as possible. This allows them to create the best possible piece for you.   The more restrictions you put on them, the more boxed in they feel. Sculpture is a creation and many of the best pieces I've seen were done with insights the artist had along the way and were not part of their initial concept. I strongly suggest giving your artist this type of freedom. I have always done this and have never been disappointed with their results.

Material/Fabrication Selection
Mainly this will be determined by the design and concept of what it is you're trying to accomplish. Other factors can include budget and your surrounding environment. There will be times when more than one fabrication can be used for the same design and we will discuss this with you to arrive at the best choice. Other times your architect or designer may spec out a particular fabrication.

Shipping is often handled by the artist in many situations. The artist will take great pride and care in shipping a piece he or she has spent many months creating. If this is not the case, then it will be done by a professional art crating service. Depending on size, it will either be shipped by UPS or by a common carrier. Most deliveries are curbside unless otherwise arranged. We will do everything possible to make sure your delivery arrives safely and in a timely manner and will inform you of any special requirements. Once this is all determined, we will need payment prior to shipping your piece and will give you an approximate delivery time.

Some pieces will not need any special instructions. In other situations, a professional can be hired to uncrate and/or install your piece. In others, the artist is involved in the installation process and this is figured in their costs when pricing their piece to you. If there are special requirements needed for security reasons, this will be discussed in advance with you and suggestions will be made. Many times the artist will provide a drawing or template for the installation or this may be handled by your designer or architect if one is involved. However this is done, we will make sure you are made aware of the possible options. We will generally give you a separate price for the shipping unless the artist has incorporated this in their pricing structure.

Placement of your art
Most pieces placed on a lawn, garden area, or corporate environment, should be placed on an elevated stone, concrete slab or metal base to protect and stabilize a sculpture piece. This is also recommended for indoor situations. Custom bases can be designed by either the artist or an architect and can also be bolted down if needed. We will discuss this in advance to make sure your specific needs are addressed and well taken care of.

Pricing of your piece
The price of a piece is usually set by the artist and is derived from many factors: how it is fabricated; whether the artist does all the work themselves or uses fabricators; the materials chosen and the grade of the materials selected; the size of the piece; the complexity of its design; how the piece is finished-for example, if its stone, is it polished or unpolished, regular steel or stainless steel, raw steel or painted steel; is the artist an emerging artist, at mid career or highly experienced with many juried shows, competitions they've won, permanent collections, museum collections they are part of; and the supply and demand for their work.   Other factors include the cost to maintain a large studio to produce large pieces of sculpture, cranes, other machinery and whether they do this part time or have to make a living from their art. All these factors play a part in determining the cost of a piece of sculpture.

This is a very important issue for both of us and we all have to be aligned on this for the project to run smoothly and be successful.   In some situations, you will have a set amount you're comfortable with and this will be very helpful to us in our selection of which artists to recommend. In other situations, you may look to us to give you recommendations. We will be glad to do this based on similar projects like yours. Once you're comfortable with a budget, we will then start making our suggestions.

We are always only a phone call or email away to answer any questions or concerns you might have and we pride ourselves in getting back to you in a very prompt manner. Please feel free to contact us at any time and all questions are welcomed.

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